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Webshopimporter - Quick start Guide

In order to use Magdeveloper Live-Sync all you have to do is to setup a Web Service Role and assign a Web Service User to it.
(Also. please make sure that SOAP is installed/enabled on your server)

Magento 1.9.x

1. Go to System> Web Services SOAP/XML -RPC - Roles

Click on Add New Role, fill in a Role name e.g. ‘webrole’’, set Role Resources preferably to “All”.

Now create a Web Service user:

2. Go to System> Web Services SOAP/XML-RPC – Users

Click on Add New User, fill in User Name, First + Last Name and fill in a API key e.g. ‘myapikey’.

3.Now, assign the User Role that you have just created in the previous step.

You’re done! Now go and fill in your API user and API Key in your Dashboard.
(In this example I would fill in ‘Paul’ as the API user and ‘myapikey’ as the API Key.)

Download as pdf

Magento 2.x

1.Create a User Role for Webshopimporter:

Go to System > Permissions > User Roles

(Easiest then  is to set the Role resources all.)

2. Then create a user  for Webshopimporter:

Go to System System > Permissions > All users (create a new Webshopimporter user)

Use the created username + pw on your magento.webshopimporter.com acccount and be sure to check the Magento 2 box.

Webshopimporter - User Manual

Download User Manual