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Admin>System>Configuration>Services>Magento Core API> Turn on WSDL cache.
Also under Admin> System> Cache management, turn on all  API related caches.

Please read our short guide here (1-3 min):


I get a SOAP error when I fill in my API user and API key:

SOAP-ERROR: Parsing WSDL: Couldn't load from 'www.products.be/index.php/api/v2_soap?wsdl' : failed to load external entity.

Log in to your Magento back-end and check the following settings:

1. System>configuration>services>Magento core settings. Now, disable WS-I Compliance and disable WSDL cache.

2. Go to System>Cache Management: Now disable all cache types>Flush Magento Cache and flush Cache storage.
Also make sure that you have provided your full website url beginning with 'http://www.'

3. Turn on WSDL cache again for improved importing speeds.
Your link should be: http://www.products.com/index.php/api/v2_soap?wsdl

It doesn't list my shop's categories on the category mapping page:

Login in your back-end and check the following settings:
Select a root category under System > manage stores. If you haven’t made one, do this now under Catalog> Manage categories.
Create a website, store and  storeview and select your Root catalog that you have earlier made or just made.

There are no images with my products

Have you set the correct folder permissions on the /media and /var folder after your Magento Installation?
Please set it to World-writable (CHMOD 777 on the media folder via a FTP program such as Filezilla).
Open your site in a FTP program e.g. in Filezilla:

  • Right click on the media folder which can be found in the root of the Magento instalation.
  • Select File permissions.
  • Enter 777.

Where can I find my TAX-ID for the correct Tax Class?

Please check your Sales>Tax>Tax classes settings and select your correct Tax class.
You will find your Tax class ID in the url adress bar.

Example:taxable goods is id =2 on a default Magento Installation: Therefor use 2 on your Tax setting.

Ingram Micro

Do I need a FTP account for Ingram Micro?

Yes, we can provide you the credentials for the demo (please contact us).

For integration of Ingram Micro for your country please contact us too.


Which languages do you support?

We support all Pixmania-pro languages. E.g. Dutch, English, Spanish, Italian and more.


What data are you using (CSV OR XML)?

We have the Nedis extended XML variant fully integrated for rich details and content.

  • Dedicated hosting with a large SSD harddisk.
  • The better the Magento hosting, the faster the API performance & import speed.
  • Ping (<150 ms), for time-able API requests.
  • Higher broadband for daily syncs, due to mostly the Product-images that are transfered.

Configurable products

Setting up Configurable products in Magento 1

For Configurable products to work on Magento 1 please upload this module to your public_html folder
Next create a ""config_size"" attribute with following settings:

Setting up Configurable products in Magento 2

Please see: http://www.magdeveloper.com/docs/

Demo Limitiations:

Not all my categories are being imported and filled with products.

There is a limitation on category and product imports in the demo.

How long can I try this product?

You can try our product for free without a trail period limitation. In trial mode, only 30 products are importered.

Paying costumers however can use all platform features and dont have the import limit.

Template Monster

Products do not start importing

Using a Temple Monster theme can cause an issue with importing due to their changes in the Magento core workings:
Check the Magento log shows "post :: {"message":"Could not save category: %1","parameters":["The value of attribute \"grid_activate\" must be set"].
HOW TO FIX: Login into PHPMYADMIN and search the database tables for ""grid_activate". it wil hit with the EAV table.
Just edit the grid_activate column on the table and set the default value to 0 instead of NULL.